Take a Moment to Breathe

When Erica Nunnally's four year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2012, her incredibly supportive community stepped in. They took over just about everything from providing meals to cleaning the house and making sure that bills were paid on time. They even pitched in to give Errick and Erica a weekend away to gather their senses and recoup from the shock. Because of this 'gift of space', Erica and her husband felt better equipped to take care of both of their young daughters. They firmly believe that this time away...the time to breathe...saved their family.

finding peace within

finding peace within

The Bija Institute is a wellness company founded by Erica Nunnally, a veteran yogi and entrepreneur to provide others with the 'gift of space and time to breathe'.  Specifically, Bija provides online wellness and mindfulness based programming to chronically ill children and their families during extended hospital stays.

Bija (pronounced bee-jah) is a sanskrit word meaning 'seed'

Bija represents our children who are the seeds of humanity. And like any seed, the Bija Institute is a source for new beginnings. 

Through Bija, we hope to help these parents and children regain a sense of personal power by planting seeds of self care and wellness to support them along their journey.