We are currently looking to build our board with like-minded and knowledgable individuals who share our passion for mindfulness, children's health, and health care improvement. Our board of advisors is volunteer based and we meet six times a year; three meetings in person and three meetings via online video chat. Please see below for areas of need.


Erica Nunnally, Founder & CEO

A graduate of Wellesley College, Erica balances her ability to inspire new ways of thinking with her keen sense of business acumen.  A twenty-five year veteran of yoga and a mother of a child cancer survivor, Erica brings her compassion and her drive to every aspect of growing Bija.


Michelle Mitchell Millet, Director of Insights & Strategy

Let's just say that Michelle's background in Early Child Development and Public Policy makes her a tremendous asset to the Board of Advisors. Michelle is a graduate of Tufts University.


Beth Williamson Ruse, Director of Guru Development

Beth has both personal and professional experience in Early Intervention for Children. She has spent a life-time developing programming and systems to support organizations and individuals as they aim to create balance.


Errick Nunnally, CCO, Director of Brand Integrity

Errick has worked in the Marketing and Design arena for over 25 years and remains connected to the ever changing dynamic that is design for business and design for good.


Areas of Expertise Needed 

  • Hospital Administration - ideally this person might work at or have worked at or with our launch partner hospital, however someone who knows, in general, how hospitals work and can guide us in locating the right person inside the hospital/health care industry at each stage of development would be tremendous
  • IT Strategy - current on what's available in the market as well as what's possible within a hospital given the gap between what's on market and what systems might be in place in hospital settings; basically be able to let us know if we are "going the right way"
  • CPA and Legal - to keep us in the black and out of hot water; these individuals open the realm of "what's possible" given all the changes in law and tax regulations; we have hired legal and accounting to do the actual work
  • Mindfulness Professional - ideally someone who can keep us up to date on mindfulness research and strategies to insure that we remain relevant and credible
  • Children's Welfare - this person will have a strong tie to children's developmental stages to help insure that we don't loose our connection to our end-user experience; basically keep us fun and engaging

Please contact Erica Nunnally if you have information, insights or interests that might support The Bija Institute at this time.